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I had always said I wanted to be a photographer... It took me a very long time to do so. But a dream is a dream and those don't need to be acted on right away in my mind... So long as they are acted on sometime in your life. My entrance into photography truly stared when I was in my early teens. I loved it but also loved hanging out with friends, playing in an awesome band, snowboarding, hiking, adventuring and the eternal trial of attempting to talk to females (attempting being the key word). Sadly photography was on the back burner until after I had turned 30. Once I got my first DSLR my life has truly been different somehow... I am much more relaxed, things seem to flow a little smoother, I feel as though I have picked up on something that I was supposed to have picked up. It certainly isn't easy for me but I don't mind learning and getting bad shots with the good. Once my mind was into it, Everything seemed to work with me rather than against. It has been about 5 years now since my mind has been into it and I don't see it going away at any time. It is something wether professional or not, I will have a camera near me for the rest of my life. This way my sons and their sons and theirs, will be able to see the life I have lived and what I saw through my lens. 

Gear that I use but am in no way endorsed by. 

-Canon Cameras/Lenses

-Vu Filters

-Black Rapid

-Lowepro Bags

-Sigma Lenses

-Ilford Film

-Manfrotto Tripods

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"Morgan Macia is very much a photographer of the natural world. Having spent much of his time in the surrounds of New England his knowledge of the nature of the region is only paralleled by by his love and eyesight for these beautiful places. From the coast of Block Island to The Camel's Hump in Vermont you can find Morgan and his camera tucked away in a hidden cove of beach rarely seen by most Americans. His indelible love of nature is evident in the way he portrays these locations and just how far he is willing to go to get the shots you have seen here. Day or night the eyes and camera are always ready. When not hidden away in mountain valley Morgan can be found scouring the hidden sights and streets of Newport, RI late at night, enjoying the moonlight as much as sunlight in search of the illusive perfect image".

- Jared Powers